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Dragonlord’s Intro


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I’m a GINORMOUS fan of the Shining Force series ever since I played it on the Genesis decades ago!

Back then, I wanted to write an RPG in the vein of Shining Force and base it around me and my friends from school. Nowadays, it’s different, but the possiblities are endless.

I also wish to make The Ultimate Shining Force RPG System, a gaming guide using every last character from over 10 Shining series games charting every last hero, monster, villain, weapon, spell, relic and everything else. After seeing Nihil’s Mods on YouTube, there’s room for originals, too.

And on the topic of Modding, there may be fans who wish to make Fanmods of certain characters (i.e. Kirito, Guts, InuYasha, etc…) and I’d like to see those and if possible help out.

Thank you for having me aboard!