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Website License Renewal Fundraiser

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We first launched SFMods.com in January 2018 and we have strived to never ask for a penny from the community. Almost three years on, and we're reaching out now to humbly request assistance in raising the funds for us to pay for the renewal of the website software.

We are currently using a community software app known as XenForo and we love it. It's great! However, in order to utilise the latest version and enjoy all of the upgrades and enhancements it provides, we need to renew our license. The price to renew our XenForo license and access the latest version of the software is $70:


If you should be interested in donating and helping us to reach our goal - thank you! Donations can be made via the 'Donate' button on this page or (preferably) by using my personal PayPal.me page. All monies will be used exclusively to pay towards renewing our XenForo license, and any overflow will be donated to our local church, Rugeley Community Church.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions whatsoever.